Shark Teeth in Kids: What You Need to Know

Shark teeth are a common issue in children, and one that often concerns parents and caregivers. Usually, shark teeth develop in children at around the age of 6 years old, but it is possible for them to develop as late as the age of 11 – 12 years old.  They are most common on the lower bottom teeth, but can also appear on the upper front teeth as well.

The Cause of Shark Teeth

The term “shark teeth” was a term developed by professionals in the dental industry to describe a child that has developed rows of teeth. This happens when the child develops their adult teeth before their baby teeth have fallen out, resulting in having multiple rows of teeth. There is no other underlying issue. 

Are There Any Treatments for Shark Teeth?

When it comes to shark teeth, tooth extraction is the only one way to treat it. Once the adult tooth fully grows into place, there is nothing to push or dissolve the root of the baby tooth. A dental surgeon will have to go and extract the baby tooth, so that the adult tooth can move into the right position. This could take weeks, sometimes even months. After extraction, the adult teeth may have further issues moving into their designated areas, warranting further treatment for tooth alignment. 


If your child has developed “Shark Teeth”, don’t worry. It is a common issue among children and teens throughout the world. Keeping up with your child’s dental visits is the best way you can keep up with any dental health issues. If you notice that your child is developing any extra teeth, or what appears to be rows of teeth, give us a call to seek dental assistance.