Children’s Dental Treatment

san-antonio-dental-fillingWhite Dental Fillings

White Dental fillings are a restorative material used to repair and restore teeth infected with dental caries (cavities/sugar bugs). White Dental fillings can also be used to fix damaged or fractured teeth.

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san-antonio-baby-root-canalBaby Root Canals

A baby root canal is necessary when the dental caries (decay) has reached the center part of the tooth and infects the nerve.

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san-antonio-dental-extractionsDental Extractions

In some cases dental caries, or severe dental infections can render a tooth irreparable and it might become necessary to remove it…or as we like to say: wiggle it out).

san-antonio-space-maintainersSpace Maintainers

Space maintainers are custom fit appliances that are made to keep baby teeth or permanent teeth from shifting into an unnatural position.

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san-antonio-dental-crownDental Crowns

In some cases when dental decay or fractures become too large to repair with a dental filling it becomes necessary to repair the tooth with a dental crown.

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