As your San Antonio children’s dentists, we aim to make your child’s smiles last a lifetime. That is why we recommend that your child gets a dental sealant treatment for their teeth, to help prevent cavities and other forms of decay.

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What is a dental sealant?

dental sealant is a thin coating of plastic that is applied to the chewing surface of your child’s teeth to protect them from tooth decay. It is a form of preventative dentistry, along with proper home care, and regular dental exams and dental cleanings.

How does a dental sealant work?

To put it simply, a sealant behaves like a raincoat in the rain — it blocks food particles from reaching and getting trapped in the grooves of your teeth.


When our children’s dentists apply the dental sealant, the plastic (in the form of a foamy gel before hardening) fills in all the grooves and crevices of each tooth surface, hardening in spots that may be susceptible to trapping food particles. It is this aspect that makes it a great assistant to home dental hygiene and regular visits for dental exams and dental cleanings when it comes to defending your child’s smile.

Why is a dental sealant treatment so important?

The small crevices that a dental sealant fills are typically where cavities form, because when food catches in those areas it can be difficult to clean them thoroughly.


As the food sits, bacteria begins to break it down and that bacteria can begin to break down the tooth (forming a cavity). By sealing your child’s teeth, you can help to prevent oral decay and damage.

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