If your child is suffering from excessive dental decay or fracturing, our San Antonio children’s dentists may suggest repairing the damage with a dental crown.

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What is a dental crown?

dental crown is a tooth cap/shell that is custom formed to replace the damaged part of a tooth’s surface.


For children the best crown to restore the back teeth with is a stainless steel crown (SSC). These crowns cover the entire portion of the tooth above the gumline and will stay on the baby tooth till normal tooth loss occurs. Baby teeth with stainless steel crowns will fall out just as normal baby teeth would.


In cases where crowns are needed for the front teeth we use all white composite crowns that have no metal and are all white. These white composite crowns have the appearance of natural baby teeth.
Baby teeth with these types of crowns also will fall out just as normal baby teeth.

Why should I consider a dental crown?

If your child’s tooth surface is damaged beyond what a dental filling can repair, a dental crown is an advisable repair option in order to prevent infection or the loss of the tooth in question.


Losing baby teeth is normal for children, but it can lead to shifting in tooth orientation, which can affect their bite and smile. In addition, it can also lead to problems when permanent teeth are due to emerge.


space maintainer can help alleviate these risks, in that scenario, but it is best to prevent the loss of teeth due to damage.

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