If you are suffering from a dental cavity, our San Antonio children’s dentists recommend getting a dental filling to prevent further damage.

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What is a dental filling?

dental filling consists of a natural looking restorative material used to repair and restore teeth infected with a cavity, or slight fractures or damage.

Why should I get a tooth filled?

Patients suffering from a dental cavity, fractures, or light damage should have their tooth filled immediately in order to prevent more extensive, long-term damage.


If left untreated a simple cavity can spread throughout a tooth, reaching the root (requiring a root canal) and in some cases other neighboring teeth. And when a tooth root has become infected, there is a chance that the tooth itself will be lost.

By having one of our San Antonio Children’s dentists restore your child’s tooth, you increase the chances of their smile continuing to look and function well for many years to come—not to mention save you money on further restorative dentistry procedures.

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