When your child has begun to lose their baby teeth and the new ones are coming in, there is a chance that they could shift to an unnatural position.


If this occurs, our San Antonio children’s dentists will most likely suggest that your child get space maintainers to help keep their teeth in a natural, healthy position.

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What is a space maintainer?

A space maintainer is a custom fit appliances that are made to keep baby teeth or permanent teeth from shifting into an unnatural position.


They are typically made of either stainless steel and/or plastic, and can be removable depending on the case.

Why should I get a space maintainer?

One important function of baby teeth is to act as a guide for the permanent teeth to emerge into the correct position within the mouth. In some cases when a baby tooth is knocked out of its place due to trauma or is extracted due to infection, it might become necessary to place a space maintainer to allow the permanent teeth to emerge into their natural positions.


If your child’s teeth are not positioned properly, it could become difficult to eat and talk, as well as cause further difficulty for new teeth coming in.

How can I find out if I need one?

You can find out if your child needs a space maintainer by ensuring that they see one of our San Antonio children’s dentists every six months for a full dental exam and dental cleaning.


During these developmental years your child will receive regular X-rays to follow the progress of incoming teeth and ensure that their teeth are aligning safely.

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