How to Make Brushing Fun for Your Child!

Everyone knows that brushing your teeth is an important, daily activity that we all have to do. However, you can’t expect children to understand how important it is to have a clean set of pearly whites, so it is up to the parents to make brushing teeth a fun activity. Here are a few things you can do to help make the activity enjoyable for your kids.

It’s Teamwork

Instead of telling children to brush their teeth and explaining how important it is, the better way to go about it is to show them how you do it. Kids love to join in all the things their parents do. Watching dad shave or playing with mom’s makeup are all exciting stuff for young minds, and there is no reason why brushing can’t be just as exciting.

Children Love to Teach

Imagine being a child who has to listen to the instructions of adults all day long. It can be really tiring sometimes. That’s why kids love to role-play as adults and give instructions to others whenever they can, even if it means giving instructions to their toys.

You can use this to make your child understand the importance of brushing. Ask the kids to teach their toys how to brush. They will not only take on this task more seriously but also brush their own teeth with diligence because now they have to live up to a standard in order to be the authority.

Personalize Their Toothbrush

For adults, a toothbrush is just a tool, but for children it can be an extension of their personalities. Find out what your kid likes and then customize the products based on those interests and passions. It can be as simple as having them choose the shape and color of their toothbrushes, such as a yellow giraffe or a blue teddy bear. There are also plenty of products that are based on popular characters and items from animations and films that your kids can pick from.

Make It an Experience

Plenty of videos online show parents adding music and dance to their morning routines with their kids. Try playing your children’s favorite songs while brushing every morning. If you start the day with singing and dancing, it will be an experience that your children will not only love but also look forward to.

Support and Encouragement

Sometimes all children really need is a little support and encouragement. Simple words such as “good job” or “well done” will go a long way in building the child’s confidence and skills to make brushing an important part of their daily life. You can also use a high five after brushing to make it feel like you’ve accomplished something together.
If words don’t do the trick, you can use physical rewards to encourage the child. Track if your kid has brushed their teeth everyday and by the end of the month, you can mark the accomplishment with a small toy or a gift.