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My Kids’ Dentist Prevents Holiday Toothaches

my-kids-dentist201511-2a-300x225My kids dentist creates healthy teeth.” We hope you feel this way because that is exactly what we aim to do. We love our young patients and want to see them healthy and happy. We understand that preventative care is a critical component of that, and as such, it is important that you bring your child to visit us now before the holiday season gets too busy. Doing so can prevent a sudden toothache and the need to make a trip to the emergency dentist.

My Kids Dentist Provides Preventative Care

At our dental office, we want to help your family stay in excellent oral health, and we do so by focusing on preventative dental care. We recommend our young patients to visit us twice a year for a dental examination and teeth cleaning. This is important because it is difficult to keep teeth as clean as they should be without help from a dentist. Plaque can gather and build up in hard-to-reach places, and kids are not always the best at flossing. We can remove this plaque so it does not have the chance to secrete acid that will attack the teeth and create either cavities or infections. This must be done regularly to be truly effective.

During these routine dental exams and teeth cleaning appointments, we can also strengthen your child’s teeth using fluoride. It has been proven that fluoride treatments will reduce the risk of cavities by 30 percent. Given the numbers, this is significant and definitely worth doing. Fluoride does not smell and your kids will not feel anything, so they won’t mind the treatment either. The other way to prevent cavities is by using dental sealants. We can brush sealant onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth to prevent food particles from becoming stuck and plaque from building up. This is an effective and fast treatment option. Combined, our preventative care measures can help keep toothaches away.

My Kids Dentist Is All About Education

We also want our young patients to help take care of their own health. When they become an active participant, they are more likely to embrace an at-home care routine that will help keep them healthy for the rest of their life. We can show your child how to brush and floss properly and teach them why it matters. By talking about germs, fluoride, acid, and decay, they can learn how everything is connected and how the choices they make every day can influence their health. Kids are smart and pick things up quickly. Engaging them is a fantastic way to help them make healthy choices in the long-run.

As a reminder, your kids should be brushing their teeth twice per day with a fluoride toothpaste. They should also be flossing daily to remove plaque that has become trapped in between teeth. Doing this while also eating a healthy diet containing vegetables, lean protein, and dairy will help keep them in the best possible oral health and toothache-free this holiday season.