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Dental Fillings for Kids: What You Need to Know

Just-for-Kids-Dentist-300x200We provide dental fillings for kids and begin treating patients at one year of age.  While it is rare to see someone with a cavity before the age of two – it does happen since anyone of any age can develop a cavity.  Our goal is to prevent this by treating our young patients early and often.  Through preventative dental care like teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments, we can prevent cavities in many cases.  However, if your child does develop one, getting a dental filling may become necessary.

When We Use Dental Fillings for Kids

When decay settles into a tooth, a portion of that tooth will need to be removed.  Decay cannot be left alone because it can spread.  That is why we like to examine teeth regularly and treat any oral health problems as soon as they arise.  We can often catch decay when it is incredibly small and before it causes your child a toothache.  Once we do, we can provide your child with sedation, numb the area, and remove the decayed portion of the tooth.  Afterwards, we will clean the area before placing a filling.  We need to use fillings because that is how the tooth structure is restored to its original shape and size.  It is important to visit a dentist that works with kids on a regular basis because we know how to keep them calm and relaxed during the process.  While it is fast compared with other dental procedures, getting fillings still requires them to sit fairly still – something sedation can help with.

Types of Dental Fillings for Kids

Traditionally, most people get either silver fillings or composite fillings.  Silver or amalgam fillings used to be the most popular and you can still see many adults walking around with metal in their teeth.  We do not use this option for our young patients.  Instead, we provide tooth-colored fillings that blend in with the surrounding tooth structure.  They work just as well but make it possible for your child to look as though they have perfectly healthy teeth and never suffered from cavities.  We feel that this is important for the self-esteem of our young patients and for encouraging them to keep up with good oral health.  If you are currently seeing another dentist that does not offer tooth-colored fillings, we encourage you to call our office for the treatment instead.  Your children will thank you as they get older.

Dental Fillings for Kids Can Be Comfortable

We are a sedation dentist because we understand that some kids cannot hold still while getting dental work or they are too fearful of it.  If your child falls into one of these categories, don’t worry.  We can provide them with a light sedation so that they can relax, hold still and maybe even fall asleep.  Remember that dental fillings are not painful but they can cause pressure and your child could be emotionally concerned about having dental work done.  This is where sedation can become incredibly useful.

To schedule an appointment for preventative care or to get dental fillings for kids from a sedation dentist, give us a call.