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Visit a Sedation Dentist for Kids for Child-Specific Sedation Techniques

sedation-dentist2015-28-10A sedation dentist for kids is often necessary for children with anxiety, fear, and for those who are young and/or have never visited the dentist before. Visiting a dentist who provides child-specific sedation techniques offers a more precise level of sedation that is safe for children and will keep your child comfortable throughout the visit.

Some children need sedation only for fillings and crowns while others become nervous at the thought of the dentist and can benefit from sedation even during normal checkups. A sedation dentist also provides safe sedatives for children with ADHD or mental disabilities who may find it hard to sit still for long periods of time or follow direction during a visit. Some children are so young they do not understand why they are visiting and may need sedation to follow speaking commandments during the appointment. All of these reasons and many other reasons patients provide are understandable, and we are happy to offer child-specific sedation techniques that work for any age or personality.

Laughing Gas – Laughing gas is a common sedation technique we use for children. The name itself is considered humorous by many children which makes receiving the nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen through a nose mask, less of an ominous experience. Laughing gas is great for kids with mild to moderate anxiety and it quickly wears off following the removal of the mask.

Oral Sedatives- Oral sedatives are normally given to children who do not like the idea of wearing the laughing gas mask or who have a tougher time visiting the dentist. These oral sedatives can be given in pill or syrup form. For children, we often provide a syrup that you can administer at home before the appointment, so they are comfortable by the time they arrive. The effects of these medications do not normally fade as quickly as laughing gas, but they should not last longer than a few hours.

General Anesthesia- This form of sedation actually causes your child to fall asleep and is typically only used when oral surgery takes place, or several fillings/crowns need to be placed in one visit. General anesthesia will be performed by an anesthesiologist who has received the necessary education and safety training for the administration.

Before Any Sedation

Before any type of sedation, it is necessary to prepare your child beforehand. With some sedatives, you may need to follow guidelines about what your child should eat and drink before the sedatives are taken. Let your child know what to expect and provide reassurances. Even when you visit a sedation dentist, your child may experience fear at first, but we guarantee as soon as the safe sedatives are administered, your child will feel calmer.

When you visit a sedation dentist, your child will feel comfortable coming back every time. If your child is fearful or active, a sedation dentist is a great option to consider. We can make the experience smoother for you and your family.