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How a Just for Kids Dentist Treats Dental Emergencies

Just-for-Kids-DentistAs a local just for kids dentist, we can treat any emergency oral health issues that your child may have.  We practice preventative care and do our best to keep your kids’ teeth healthy so that there won’t be an emergency. You can help by brushing their teeth at home twice a day and using a fluoride toothpaste.  Feeding them a healthy diet will also help to strengthen and protect their teeth.

If, however, a dental emergency strikes it is important to know where to go for help.  We don’t want any of our young patients to suffer with pain so if they start to complain about a toothache, give us a call right away so that we can identify what is making their tooth hurt and how to treat it. We offer sedation so we can help your child to stay comfortable during the exam and any treatments that follow.

As a just for kids dentist, here are some of the emergencies that we commonly treat:

  • Food that’s stuck.  When your child eats something sticky or a food like corn, there is a chance that it will become stuck in between their teeth.  Most of the time you can get it out by brushing and flossing but with young children this can be difficult at times.  If they eat something then start to complain and you can’t get it out – call us.  We have the tools necessary for dislodging anything that is stuck between their teeth.
  • Chipped teeth.  Kids are known for chipping their teeth.  Whether tripping and falling, playing baseball or running around on the playground, accidents happen.  Kids that play hard are even more likely to have an accident and chip or crack their teeth.  When this happens, don’t worry.  Just call us for an appointment, and we will restore the tooth so that they can be pain-free and eat like normal.  Our restorations will also look natural so no one will know that the accident ever happened.
  • Toothache.  If your child develops a cavity, it may cause pain while they eat or bite down.  If dinnertime becomes a fight because it hurts to eat, we need to see them right away.  We can treat cavities quickly and easily, use a natural colored filling, and provide sedation so that they are comfortable during the procedure.
  • Bleeding.  If your child’s mouth starts to bleed and won’t stop, give us a call.  We can examine them and find out why the bleeding started then treat the area.  Don’t give them aspirin because this will make their blood thin and prevent it from clotting.

Regardless of what oral health issues your child has, we can help.  Whether their tooth is damaged, or they are in pain, give us a call so that we can find out what the issue is and make an immediate treatment recommendation.  It is important to get them help as quickly as possible and as a just for kids dentist; we will try to schedule an appointment for right away.