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Sedation Dentistry Makes it Possible to Take Your Toddler to the Dentist

Sedation-Dentistry-300x246If you have a toddler, sedation dentistry may be exactly what you need.  For parents of little ones, the idea of getting them to hold still is more of a dream than a reality.  It can be difficult to get them to sit through dinner let alone a doctor or dentist appointment.  We are experts at working with children and understand how challenging this can be.  During a teeth cleaning, we can go slowly and make the process go smoothly.  If, however, a more detailed procedure needs to be completed – sedation is often the best way to go. We offer this solution for patients up to twenty years of age, so all of the kids in your family can experience comfortable dental care – even if they are in college.

As your child grows, they will have an easier time holding still.  Sometimes, if a cavity is minor we may recommend postponing treatment for a few months since even six months makes a huge difference in the development of a child.  If that is unwise, we will let you know and schedule the procedure right away in order to prevent the infection from spreading.

Sedation dentistry makes it possible for us to perform procedures that your child may not be mentally ready for.  By mentally we mean – able to sit through it or have the procedure completed without anxiety.  We want your child to feel comfortable at all of their dental appointments and work hard to make sure they have a pleasant experience.  It isn’t worth it for your child to get scared or stressed out while we are fixing one of their teeth because this experience may stick with them as they grow and create a dental anxiety.

When these concerns are present, we recommend sedation.  This may involve putting your child into a gentle slumber so that they can be asleep while we do our work.  A sleeping toddler is much easier to work on than a wiggly one.  After all, if they move at the wrong time they could actually get hurt by the dental tools.  Since we offer sedation dentistry, and are experts at working with children, we will make sure that your kids get the correct dosage they need to doze off, without it negatively impacting them or having any adverse side effects.  This is a specialty, and not all dentists are trained on how to administer the appropriate drugs.  We are and do so on a regular basis. As a parent, we understand that anytime your child has to see the doctor or dentist it can be stressful simply because no one wants their child to feel any discomfort.  By offering this solution, you can rest assured that your child will be comfortable the entire time.

If you think your child has a tooth infection or is suffering from oral pain – give us a call.  It is important that we treat your child right away before the infection is allowed to spread and cause them further pain.  The larger the infection, the more difficult it is to treat it, so regular visits to the dentist are extremely important. If your child is a teenager or even 20 and still suffers from dental anxiety, we can provide sedation dentistry in order to make their experience a positive one.