Will a Pacifier Impact My Baby’s Tooth Development?

When it comes to pacifiers, they are usually a baby’s favorite object. As soon as a baby starts crying, many parent’s first instincts are to hand a pacifier to their baby to calm them down. But did you know that overusing a pacifier can cause dental and oral issues for your child? Pacifiers used on young babies can help reduce oral pain they may have and also reduces the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. However, parents should know that overusing any pacifier can cause future oral issues. If you are curious about how pacifiers can negatively affect your child’s oral health, continue reading.

How Exactly Can a Pacifier Cause Oral Issues With My Baby?

The mouth of a developing baby is something that needs special attention from the parents or caretakers. Like any other developing body part, if there is something in the way of its growth, it will adapt to a new shape so it can continue to grow. Overuse of a pacifier can cause a baby’s teeth and jaw to start growing misaligned. The same effects are known in children who have a thumb-sucking problem. Their teeth usually grow outward and the misaligned jaw can cause bite issues. 

What Should I Do About My Childs Use Of Pacifiers?

You should remember that pacifiers are still great to use for babies if you do it in moderation. A child, less than one-month-old should never be handed a pacifier as it may affect their eating habits. After the one month mark, it safe to start having them slowly start using the pacifier until it becomes a normal habit. By the age of two, your child should be weaned off of using a pacifier. This is where the problem can arise where they will start sucking their thumb since they have been weaned off of their pacifier. This may seem like a normal habit amongst children, but thumb-sucking can actually bring worse issues for your child than a pacifier. Not only is it dirty because you don’t know where your child’s hands have been, but thumb-sucking can be even harder to wean your child off of since their thumb is attached to their body. 


Just because the overuse pacifiers can be bad for your child’s oral health, does not mean that you shouldn’t give or let your baby use a pacifier. Remember, pacifiers are great for other aspects of your child’s health and every doctor will recommend that you give your child a pacifier as they are growing. Just keep in mind that just like anything else, a pacifier needs to be used in moderation. If used in moderation, your child should not have any oral or dental issues as they continue to develop. If you have any questions or concerns about your baby’s teeth or use of a pacifier for your baby, you can visit our site Cute Smiles For Kids, or schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric dentists to ensure your baby’s teeth are on the right track.