Cute Smiles 4 Kids San Antonio Children's Dentist Preventing Tooth Decay

We are a Best Practices Kid Dentist for Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

san-antonio-preventative-dentistry-for-kids-300x116If you are looking for a dental provider, we are a best practices kid dentist because we treat children of all ages in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Many dentists that treat children, still won’t see them until they are either school age or over twelve. We help them all, so that every member of your family can stay in good oral health, starting from the time they are born.

As an expert kids dentist, we understand that healthy habits form early, and you can take steps as a parent to keep their teeth healthy from the moment they first come in. Even before that you can wash sugar and milk off of their gums by using a washrag. As your child gets their first baby tooth, you can start to brush it using a special rubber brush that fits on the tip of your finger. These healthy habits should continue as they age with teeth brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Many parents are unaware of the dangers of not brushing their little ones teeth or letting them eat an unhealthy diet. Just because your child will lose their baby teeth, doesn’t mean that they don’t need their baby teeth. They are important for making sure that adult teeth grow in properly and that your child can speak clearly. When teeth are not cared for, they are more likely to fall out too soon and create oral health problems for your child.

We are a best practices kid dentist for preventing oral health problems, including baby bottle tooth decay. This condition is typically caused by sending your child to bed with milk or juice in either a bottle or a cup. If you brush your kid’s teeth then give them a drink with sugar in it, that sugar will remain on their teeth throughout the night and create a risk of them getting cavities. While it is common for kids to take a bottle to bed for comfort, it is bad for their teeth, and we recommend that bottle or cup contain water only. By implementing this rule, you will help your child’s teeth to stay in good health.

It is important to also bring your child in for regular teeth cleanings and exams. Once your child turns one, they should have most of their baby teeth, and we can start to clean them. It is difficult to get rid of all of the bacteria and plaque by brushing at home. This becomes easier as they age but is challenging during the wiggly years. By bringing them into our office, we can conduct a professional teeth cleaning so that the risk of cavities or another infection are greatly reduced. No one wants to see their baby or child suffer from any type of pain.

Follow these precautionary suggestions by our kid dentist to ensure that your child stays in excellent oral health and is pain-free as they grow. We are always happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.