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Visit the Best Just for Kids Dentist in San Antonio

Just-for-Kids-DentistCute Smiles 4 Kids is the best just for kids dentist in San Antonio because we treat each patient as if they were our own child.  We would want our kids to feel comfortable at the dentist and work hard to make sure that yours do too.  Our practice is completely different than most family dentistry offices. We only treat children, so the entire practice is focused around their needs.

A common complaint that parents have when taking their kids to the dentist or doctor is how difficult the process is.  The waiting room is normally quiet and sterile; the staff is only cordial, and kids are intimidated by the exam rooms and equipment.  We have taken these issues to heart and designed a kid-friendly dental practice that addresses all of those issues.

Our waiting room is really a playroom.  It comes full of toys that include riding toys, arcade games, and even a full size air hockey table.  We treat children from birth to seventeen, so our waiting room had been designed to have something for everyone.  We have found that by creating a fun atmosphere where children can play, they are more relaxed when they go into the exam room.  Parents are more relaxed too because when visiting Cute Smiles 4 Kids, they don’t have to worry about keeping their children quiet and on perfect behavior.  That is the benefit of visiting a just for kids dentist, and this simple change makes the process stress free for everyone.

We have continued this trend into our examination rooms in order to keep children feeling comfortable.  We want every child to feel like they belong here and are welcomed.  Our examination rooms have cartoon character themes, and we have television sets over the exam chair so that they can watch a show or movie while having their teeth cleaned or a dental procedure.  Most kids enjoy watching their favorite show and focus on that instead of what is happening to their teeth.  This helps them to feel more relaxed overall.

One of the first steps in pediatric dentistry is getting children comfortable enough to let you examine their teeth, clean them, and conduct procedures. This requires establishing a relationship and trust.  Kids, like all of us, want to feel safe and secure.  Visiting the dentist can be unfamiliar and lead to anxiety.  Our experienced staff focuses on building the relationship right away and our comfortable office environment helps us to do that.  Since we are a just for kids dentist, our staff works with children all day and they are the best in town for helping them to feel comfortable. Once that bond has been created, most children will allow the dentist to examine them without difficulty.

The dentists at Cute Smiles 4 Kids, are experts at providing dental care. They are highly trained and can address a variety of issues including treating cavities, baby root canals, spacers and more.  To visit our office and experience why we are the best just for kids dentist in San Antonio call (210) 435-3333 and schedule an appointment.