Cute Smiles 4 Kids San Antonio Children's Dentist New Trends

New Trends in Children Dentistry

Pediatric-Dentistry-300x200Working with children and children dentistry are a true specialty.  In addition to requiring comprehensive medical training, it also requires the ability to connect with young patients and help the to feel comfortable and safe at all times.  Many professionals are simply unable to accomplish this. Fortunately, Cute Smiles 4 Kids only works with children and our team of experts is able to help them feel right at home during every office visit.

Modern dental technology has greatly improved, and it has impacted children’s dentistry as well.  Previously, kids seemed to be left out while the innovation was focused on adult solutions.  Now, many of these same procedures and benefits are available to the patients of Cute Smiles 4 Kids in San Antonio.

Some of the latest trends in children dentistry are:

White Dental Fillings.  When we treat a cavity, the damaged area of the tooth is removed, and a filling is put in its place.  Fillings were previously only made of metal which is effective but not aesthetically pleasing.  We are now able to offer white dental fillings that accomplish the same goal, but do so without being noticeable.  They blend into the natural tooth so that when your child smiles no one can tell that dental work has been done.

Space Maintainers.  When your child starts to lose their baby teeth, the other teeth can start to move out of place and into an unnatural position.  This is a common issue when children lose a baby tooth before they are supposed to.  Playground accidents are fairly common, and a simple football game can lead to teeth shifting into positions they shouldn’t be.  A space maintainer may need to be used to prevent the rest of their teeth from moving out of place in order to hold the position for the future adult teeth to come in.

Dental Sealants. You can protect your child’s teeth with dental sealants. This thin coating of plastic goes on top of your child’s teeth and can prevent cavities.  Applying dental sealants is quick and easy, while the benefits are vast and long-lasting.  The easiest way to think of a sealant is to imagine a rain coat.  When the rain drops hit the coat, they simply slide right off.  The same holds true for bacteria.  It will typically wash off the tooth without being able to attack it. This simple step can help your child to avoid oral health issues and pain.

Sedation Dentistry. When your child has a major dental procedure, sedation dentistry can help them to stay calm and prevent them from feeling any pain or discomfort.  If they are very young, sedation dentistry may be necessary to simply keep them from moving around too much.  As a parent, sedation dentistry can give you peace of mind knowing that your child is feeling comfortable during their dental procedure.

Children dentistry has changed a great deal and Cute Smiles 4 Kids offers families a large variety of options for their dental treatments.