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breastfeeding and tooth decay

Is Breastfeeding Linked to Tooth Decay?

When it comes to breastfeeding your child, you are likely thinking about all the positive side-effects that can come along with breastfeeding for you and your child. Not only is breastfeeding a great way to bond with baby, but it also helps establish gut health and can have a big impact on the immune system in infants. Recently though, you may have heard a rumor that breastfeeding can be linked to tooth decay for your child. This is a frightening statement for a lot of mothers who may now be concerned that breastfeeding can cause tooth decay in babies. If you are a mother who is about to start breastfeeding or is currently breastfeeding your child and want to find out more about this issue, continue reading this article. 

Why do people think breastfeeding and tooth decay are linked?

One of the main reasons that some people think breastfeeding can lead to tooth decay in children is because bottle-feeding a baby can actually lead to tooth decay if done wrong. Nighttime bottle-feeding a baby can lead to tooth decay since the liquid (milk or juice) starts to pool in the baby’s mouth as they are latched to the bottle. However, the same does not happen when a baby is breastfeeding, as the milk will only flow out while the baby is suckling. The pooling of liquids with overnight bottles can make plaque start to build up in the baby’s mouth. The bacteria present in the plaque is what usually leads to the breaking down of the child’s teeth in the future. 

So breastfeeding and tooth decay aren’t linked?

There has been a lot of research behind this issue and the short answer is no, breastfeeding does not cause nor is it linked to tooth decay. In fact, breastfeeding may help your child have stronger teeth in the future.

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Why Your Child May Need an Emergency Dentist

emergency-dentist20156At some point in their juvenescence, your child may need an emergency dentist. When people hear the term emergency dentist, their minds tend to automatically think about adult procedures like dental implants. For children, this treatment is unnecessary and unadvised, but that does not mean your child should not see an emergency dentist in Texas for a number of other ailments. Be prepared to help your child in a time of need by bringing them to our office. For some examples of how we can help your children, read below.

Rambunctious children are commonly involved in accidents that can chip or crack their developing teeth. You should take these injuries seriously as they can make your child’s tooth more vulnerable to bacteria or infection. Our office can provide you with an emergency dentist that can evaluate your child’s injury and determine what form of correction will protect the tooth from further damage or potential decay. It will also be helpful if you find the broken tooth piece and keep it moist until you can visit our office as one of our dentists can reattach the piece to the open area.

If the piece of the chipped tooth cannot be found or reattached, a dentist in our office can provide tooth-colored bonding or a crown to protect the vulnerable tooth. Our bonding is natural looking and resilient to staining and damage. If the chip is too large to be filled in by our quality bonding techniques, we can provide your child’s tooth with a protective crown that will look attractive and will serve as protection against any future harm.

Another common accident that children face is inadvertently biting their cheeks or tongue. While these types of incidents are common and, in most cases, not too serious, at times your child might need sutures. Sutures provided by an emergency dentist can prevent infection and developmental issues in your child’s tongue or cheeks. To alleviate discomfort and swelling for easier suture application, apply a cold press to the injured area until you get to our office.

With these sort of problems and many other dental conundrums that your child may face, our treatments will be smooth and comfortable so you child will not endure anxiety or worry when visiting our office. Additionally, we will provide adequate sedation and other analgesics to ensure your child does not experience any discomfort during treatment. Your child will feel safe and secure when visiting an emergency dentist.

We know your child’s health and oral care are top priorities to you. They are also a top priority for us. We will take all your child’s emergency dental needs seriously and provide your child with supportive and excellent dental care to ensure the further development of a healthy smile. Visit our emergency dentist office today so we can fix your children’s teeth during these imperative years.  If you have an emergency, we are happy to help you as well.