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Why Sedation Dentistry is Ideal for Kids

Just-for-Kids-Dentist-300x200If your children are included in the astonishing number of kids who are susceptible to dental phobias, sedation dentistry may be the cure. Dental anxiety in kids, leading to poor dental hygiene and overall bad oral health, does not have to be an issue any longer. Many children have fallen victim to the anxiety and fear that can surround a visit to the dentist. It shouldn’t be this way, and we can help. As a pediatric sedation dentist, we are highly qualified and trained in the art of working with youth. We know how to help your children feel comfortable and at home in our office. Our sedation dentists will help calm your children’s fear before it turns into lasting anxiety issues.

The forms of conscious sedation we provide are tried and true and will make your child feel very comfortable and confident about an upcoming dentist appointment. We provide a few different methods of administering these sedatives. The first method we encourage is Nitrous Oxide (more commonly known as laughing gas), administered through a mask that covers their nose. We also offer oral medications that can be taken upon arrival and will begin to make your child drowsy within 20-30 minutes. We can also give you a suppository to place yourself. Injections and intravenous options are also available, but normally reserved for more serious procedures than a normal check up or cavity fill. With all of these options, we can find one that your child is comfortable with, and that will relieve you and your child of the normal stress a dentist visit brings.

If your child struggles with fears of the dentist, a mild sedative like the ones mentioned above can provide a relaxing atmosphere for detailed procedures, normal checkups, or even times when your child needs more than one cavity filled at a time. We can provide the right level of sedation to make each visit flow smoothly, even if it is a long operation that needs to take place. There are many common reasons to consider sedation dentistry: fear of drilling, a strong gag reflex, or an aversion to needles may be a few. If you have a child who has an attention deficit disorder, we can also help to reduce nervous energy or restlessness during appointments.

No matter if your child is facing anxiety because they need work done on multiple cavities, or they need a tooth pulled, we can provide the proper kindness and care they need. Our conscious sedation technique will give your child the ability to be awake for a procedure, but without fear. In time, this may lead to a better reception of dental appointments in general. We also know how to safely and effectively administer sedatives. Rest assured, your child will have a good, unscathed experience with our professional team. If they are young and you have found out that they have cavities, do not have them treated by a dentist that doesn’t offer sedation.  Call our sedation dentistry office to avoid possible dental phobias.