It can do much more than ensure a good looking smile

Children’s dentists all around the world have been stressing the importance of dental exams and dental hygiene for children as young as 36 months. But what you probably didn’t know is that preventative dentistry is about more than just protecting a developing child’s smile – it is also about protecting that child’s overall health for years to come.

Children should not have caffeine, it will stunt their growth,” “Make sure they are not eating too many sweets,” “Make sure they don’t suck on their thumb once they have teeth,” and “Make sure they brush and floss at least twice a day” are all common sayings directed at kids – and for a reason. The development years are some of the most important years for your child. From birth through their teenage years, your child is constantly undergoing physical changes that can be affected by seemingly unrelated circumstances.

Think about it: if a lack of proper dental hygiene techniques and regular visits to your children’s dentist can lead to gum disease, halitosis, and cavities, won’t that discomfort affect the way your child eats? And won’t that diet change affect how they look, feel, and behave?

The best way to prevent sickness, injury, and developmental problems is to see specialized doctors on a regular basis – like your local San Antonio children’s dentist for a regular dental exam and dental cleaning. This, combined with proper home dental care, can help to ensure a healthy smile.

And if your child is under the age of 36 months, Cute Smiles 4 Kids offers a free office tour and mock dental exam so that you and your child can become acquainted with the idea of children’s dentistry. It is just one of many ways that we and our children’s dentists strive to provide you and your child with the best dental care so that your child’s smile can last a lifetime.


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