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What Can My Kids Dentist Do for Their Oral Health?

pediatric-dentistry-300x200-1What can my kids dentist do for their health?

If you want to know the difference between what we help children with and what your dentist can do for you, understand that it is how we approach dental care, our experience, and techniques that make us an ideal dentist for children. Parents know that “my kids dentist” is the place where they can bring their children for toothaches, cavities, and alignment issue. This faith that parents place in us by calling us “my kids dentist”, is a unique place of trust that we strive hard to live up to. It is important to know that we treat a number of conditions in children that are the same as your dentist would treat you for. The challenge is not just that children have growing mouths, and hence require us to plan for the future while fixing the present, but also the fact that many kids tend to be nervous when coming in. They are often intimidated by all the strange equipment and people that they do not know. This fear can lead a child to be confused about things like where exactly they have discomfort, if at all, when it started, and how badly it hurts.  To help with this, you can have a conversation with the child on the way in and write down what they are complaining about.

How often should I bring my child to the dentist?

We recommend that kids visit our office twice a year for a routine teeth cleaning.  They should also have annual fluoride treatments.  Otherwise, bring them in any time that they complain of a toothache or damage a tooth.

What conditions does my kids dentist treat?

This is a question that many parents have wondered about as they are bringing in a child with a knocked out tooth or a bad toothache. The answer is that we see a lot of things frequently. Toothaches are the most common reasons why children miss school. Cavities are another big reason why a child is brought to our dentist office. The good news is that cavities, unlike random toothaches are relatively easy to avoid. The first step is to reduce the intake of sugar and starch. We know this is easier said than done but reducing these foods will go a long way to avoiding cavities. Next you should teach your child great oral hygiene habits. These include brushing twice per day, flossing, rinsing out their mouth after any snack or meal, and visiting the dentist for a bi-annual checkup.

Can you treat bad breath or canker soars?

Yes, we can often eliminate bad breath with a deep cleaning and by treating any infections. We also treat canker sores, which are relatively easy to cure. An anti-microbial mouthwash will take care of most canker sores in a matter of days.

How early should I bring my child in?

We can treat your child as soon as they get their first tooth but recommend bringing them in after they turn one.