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We Can Provide Your Child With Sedation Dentistry This Summer

sedation-dentistry20157If your child does not like going to the dentist, we can provide you with an easier route to keep those teeth and gums healthy, sedation dentistry. Visiting the dentist can be unsettling for kids. Many children have dental phobia, which means that they suffer from fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist, even if just for a cleaning. When you visit our sedation dentistry office, your child will be treated kindly and gently and will not have to experience anxiety during the appointment.

Reasons to Take Your Child to a Sedation Dentistry Office

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • First visit
  • Young child
  • ADHD or overactive
  • Low pain threshold
  • Bad past experience at another dentistry
  • Need fillings or other dental work
  • More than one child needs to visit

These are all reasons to consider taking your child to our office to make their visit more comfortable.

Sedation Dentistry Techniques for Kids

Since children are more sensitive than adults to sedation techniques, we normally only use small doses and mild sedation. The two most common methods for child sedation are as follows:

Laughing Gas: The scientific name for laughing gas is nitrous oxide. We will deliver nitrous oxide through a mask that will cover your child’s nose. Your child will breath in through his/her nose and exhale through the mouth. Nitrous oxide will work very quickly to relax your child. It may also produce feelings of euphoria and contentment. When we remove the laughing gas mask following their dental work, your child will be back to normal within minutes. Nitrous oxide does not linger in your child’s system.

Oral sedation: The second most common way we provide mild sedation to a child is through oral medication. This form can be a pill, liquid, or dissolvable tablets. In some cases, the child will need to take the oral medication prior to arriving for the appointment. Other times, your child can take the medication once you arrive at the office.

For oral surgery or more serious conditions, we can provide IV sedation or general anesthesia as needed. Situations in which deep sedation may be required are:

If the oral surgery or procedure requires complete lack of movement,
if a child has a condition that limits them from following instructions, or
if the child needs several dental procedures performed in one visit.

Sedation dentistry is important because it allows your child to remain completely comfortable while also be able to communicate clearly in most cases. It will also help your child to pay attention, cooperate, and follow instructions as needed. Children who visit our office for bi-annual appointments, cavity removal, and fillings, and other necessary dental work tend to be happier and more excited about visiting a dentist for an appointment. Our sedation practices help visiting the dentist to be less of a threat and more of a comfortable, natural-feeling experience. To learn more, call or visit our office. We are happy to answer questions in full.