Toddler Dental Tips: 10 Tips for Keeping Your Tot’s Teeth Healthy

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy is a full-time job that starts very early. The work begins even before you see the pearly whites emerge. Here are 10 toddler dental tips that should come in handy.

  1. Start Brushing Early

Your baby’s teeth should start emerging by 6 months to 1 year. You can start by very gently brushing the gums without toothpaste. A soft washcloth should be enough to start. There are plenty of baby toothbrushes available in the market for you to choose from when you start seeing the teeth emerge.

  1. Clean Between Teeth

The moment the teeth start to touch, you should clean in between them because food particles can get stuck there and cause infections. You have to brush twice a day when your tot starts growing teeth; you can also use a floss to help clean difficult-to-reach places.

  1. Stop the Spread of Bacteria

Many parents have the habit of feeding toddlers from their spoons and forks. What they don’t realize is that bacteria travels through saliva. Keep your utensils separate.

  1. Control Diet for Healthy Teeth

Sugary drinks are one of the main reasons for tooth decay in toddlers. Even juice can lead to cavities if given in excess. Parents should limit the sugary drinks they give their toddlers.

  1. Visit the Dentist

Dental visits are not only for times when you face problems. You should visit the dentist regularly in order to prevent problems from occurring, and thus save money in the long run. Take your child for a visit before their first birthday or as soon as their first teeth appear.

  1. Avoid Baby Bottle Decay

One of the tricks parents use to get their child to take a nap is to give the baby a bottle filled with juice, milk or some sugary drink. These liquids tend to stick to the teeth and increase the chances of cavities that can lead to baby bottle decay. If you have to give the bottle to your baby, just fill it with water.

  1. Teach Good Habits

Good dental habits form very early in a child’s life. It is important to make the child understand the importance of brushing and having good oral hygiene. Make sure to brush both in the morning and again before going to bed.

  1. Use Fluoride Water to Fight Cavity

Water is perhaps the best weapon in the fight against cavities, especially if it has fluoride in it. Giving your baby water instead of sugary drinks is also a healthy option because water doesn’t have many calories.

  1. Utilize Sealants as an Extra Step

Sealants are barriers that help prevent the accumulation of bacteria on the teeth. You can use it as an extra step to help protect from cavities.

  1. Pay Attention to Children’s Medication

Some medications for children tend to have sugar. The different flavors of the medicine are intended to make it easy for the child to drink it. However, these sugars can cause cavities if they stick to the teeth. 

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