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Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution for Improved Health

sedation-dentistry201512As a pediatric dentist office, we offer sedation dentistry so our young patients can receive the dental care they need. We have found that most parents have wonderful intentions toward their children and their health. They want them to have a beautiful smile of healthy teeth, just like they want their children to be physically healthy. The challenge is that many young children do not like to visit a medical office because it makes them nervous or they have a hard time sitting still during the appointment. This can cause parents to become discouraged and understandably so.

If your New Year’s resolution involves getting your family healthy, we can help you. Of the 45 percent of Americans who make a resolution, 66 percent of them focus on health, but only 27 percent achieve their goals. In other words, if you want to achieve them, you are going to need support. That is exactly what we can provide in our pediatric dentist office. We understand that it can be challenging to coordinate an entire family and their health and medical needs. We can treat all your children from one convenient location designed with them in mind. We have toys for them to play with, books to read, and a friendly environment they will want to come to. You can feel confident in your decision to bring them to our office, knowing they will receive quality care and enjoy the process.

For children who are particularly wiggly or fearful of the dentist, we offer sedation dentistry. This is not as invasive as it sounds. In fact, it can be as simple as them breathing laughing gas. This will help them feel a sense of complete calm so their nerves will ease quickly. It will also help them relax so much, they will have no problem sitting still without falling asleep. Our solution works well for children of all ages and can make the difference between a successful outing to the dentist and one that ends in tears.

Our sedation dentistry services are also incredibly effective for children who do require significant dental work. If your child has a severely infected tooth and needs to have a root canal or extraction, asking them to hold still during the procedure is unreasonable and a recipe for disaster. If they are older, we may provide them with light sedation so they are awake yet calm. For younger patients, we typically suggest they go to sleep so everything can be done without them being aware of it. This is usually necessary for any children who develop bad cavities or infections as a toddler or preschooler. Fortunately, sedation is perfectly safe when administered by a professional used to treating young children – as we are.

If your New Year’s resolution is aimed at getting your family in good health, remember dentistry and remember to ask for help. We can support you in achieving your goals.