Cute Smiles 4 Kids San Antonio Children's Dentist Offering Toddlers Mock Exams

Our Cute Smiles 4 Kids Dentist Offers Toddlers Mock Exams

Just-for-Kids-Dentist-300x278Cute Smiles 4 Kids is a dentist office in San Antonio, TX.  We treat children ages birth to seventeen and help them to stay in excellent oral health as they age and grow into adulthood.  Our team is passionate about working with children and do whatever we can to get them excited about dentistry, including conducting mock dental exams.

We understand that for children anything new can be intimidating, this includes visiting the dentist.  It is important for toddlers to have their teeth cleaned on a regular basis because they are at risk for cavities and gum disease just like their older siblings.  The major difference is that it is difficult to brush and floss a toddlers teeth, so they are more likely to have bacteria and plaque buildup.  This makes regular teeth cleanings that much more important.

In our mock dental exams, we help toddlers to learn about visiting the dentist so that they can get excited for their first appointment.  Our staff will show them around the office so that they become familiar with the environment prior to taking them into the examination room where they can see firsthand where they will sit during the examination.  The mock exam actually takes place on a stuffed animal but is very effective at teaching children about dentistry.  We have this down to a science, and soon your child will be examining every stuffed animal in the house.

When children are comfortable with their surroundings, they will be more likely to have a good experience.  We have customized our waiting room by turning it into a playroom that appeals to all ages of children.  We have riding toys, arcade games, full size air hockey table and more.  This helps your kids to look forward to visiting the dentist.  In the examination room, we have televisions mounted overhead so that they could watch their favorite show while having dental work completed.  Even busy toddlers will be occupied when watching their favorite Disney show. This is an easy way to help kids to stay comfortable during their entire appointment.

Our experienced dentists are experts at working with children and will provide the best preventative care possible.  With regular teeth cleanings and dental exams, we can remove bacteria and plaque that can create cavities.  This will help your child to stay pain free and avoid a future dental emergency.  If they do develop a cavity, we can treat it without causing them discomfort.  We offer sedation dentistry for children that can help them to relax, hold still, and even fall asleep while dental work is being performed.  This will prevent any fear or anxiety they may feel along with giving their parents peace of mind.

We are the best dentist in San Antonio and continue to find new ways to make all of our patients feel comfortable and enjoy visiting the dentist. Schedule an appointment today and experience the Cute Smiles 4 Kids difference.