Cute Smiles 4 Kids San Antonio Children's Dentist Teething Gels Review

Our Children Dentistry Review of Teething Gels & What You Need to Know

pediatric-dentistry-300x200-1In our children dentistry office, we recommend that patients use natural solutions whenever possible. Medication has its place and can be very helpful.  The challenge is that using medication on a baby can have unintended consequences.  They are so little that they can’t tell you if something is wrong and by the time you notice it may be too late.

Instead of using teething gel we recommend that you try the following:

  • Clove oil.  You can rub this onto your baby’s gums, and it will numb the area.  This natural solution is still used in countries like India and has been for centuries.  Since cloves are all natural, you don’t have to worry about side effects or it negatively impacting your baby’s health.
  • Teething rings.  Cold is a natural anesthesia because it numbs the area.  Buy multiple teething rings in different sizes and shapes then keep them in the freezer.  When your baby acts uncomfortable pull one out and let them chew on it.  The cold will help their gums to feel better and as they get older they can hold it themselves. In our children dentistry office, we can also make a recommendation as to the best type to buy.
  • Massage their gums.  Use your finger to gently massage their gums.  This will help right before the tooth breaks through. Adjust the pressure as needed so that they can feel better. When a tooth breaks through the surface, you can wear a baby toothbrush on your finger in order to protect it from getting cut.
  • Cool washrag.  If you don’t have a teething ring on you, use a wet washrag instead.  Make sure it’s clean then run it through cold water.  Rinse it out and give it to the baby to chew on. You can also use this to massage their gums if needed.

These natural solutions are far better than using medication because there are no side effects and no risk of overdosing.  The FDA issued a warning that the main ingredient in Baby Orajel, Benzocaine, is dangerous for children under two.  It can reduce blood flow and has even led to death in some cases.  Another ingredient in teething gels is Viscous Lidocaine which can cause blurred vision, seizures, vomiting and death.  These are only some of the side effects and extremely serious when you consider how small your baby is.  Most of the extreme side effects happen as a result of an overdose, but there is no real way to tell what the dosage should be.  Every baby may react differently, and they are too small to tell you if something is wrong.  As a parent, you can observe your child but may not notice that they are having a reaction until they get sick.  We don’t want you or your baby to experience these problems so if you are concerned about their gums, schedule an appointment with our children dentistry office.  We can examine them and look for ways to help your baby to feel better.