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Does Sedation Dentistry Really Calm Anxieties?

shutterstock_28933936-300x200If your child has anxiety when they think about the dentist, you may be wondering if a sedation dentistry can really calm them down. Sedation is now primarily used by patients who are anxious about visiting the dentist. If they have a genuine fear of the dentist or your child cannot relax at the thought of an appointment, our sedation dentistry office can calm these feelings.

Best Candidates for  Sedation Dentistry

  • Those with dental phobia
  • Those who have a low threshold for pain
  • Those who have naturally sensitive teeth
  • Those who need multiple dental treatments or procedures performed in one visit
  • Those who need oral surgery
  • Those who have a condition that does not allow them to sit still in the dentist chair
  • Children

These are the most common candidates that would benefit from visiting a sedation dentistry office and since we treat children, they all fall in this category. Children tend to benefit from receiving sedation during dentist visits because it allows them to remain comfortable and calm, instead of feeling fearful or not cooperating with the requests of the dentist or hygienist. Sedation dentistry techniques are completely safe for all ages.

Other Advantages of Visiting a Sedation Dentistry Office

Save on Money and Time

Visiting a sedation dentistry office can save you money, especially if your child needs a great deal of dental work. When they receive some form of sedative, they will be able to relax for a longer period without feeling anxious to start moving again. They will be able to endure a longer dentist appointment during which we can accomplish all the dental work they need. This will save you time since you won’t have to come back for several more visits to have work done, and it will save you money because fees are typically based on visits, not treatment hours. If they need several fillings, a crown, and a root canal, now is definitely the time to schedule an appointment with our sedation dentistry office.

Experience Less Discomfort

When your child is sedated, they will have a higher pain threshold since you are not alert and extra sensitive to each step of the treatment that is about to happen, and their nerves will be slightly dulled. We will still use anesthetics as a safety measure to ensure they never experience discomfort, but we will not need to use as much, so they won’t have to wait as long for their face to become numb before the treatment. In many cases, the use of fewer anesthetics weighs out most of the cost of adding sedatives.

Keep Up With Regular Visits

Since visiting a sedation dentistry office will provide your child with all of these advantages in addition to them never feeling anxious, they will be able to keep up with regular visits. This will also save you money. When they visit the dentist every six months, they tend to develop fewer cavities and have less of a risk of developing gum disease. Staying away from these problems will provide you with extra time since you won’t have to bring them to the dentist for needed work.

So if you are wondering if a sedation dentistry can really calm anxieties, it can. We can calm their natural fears of the dentist while also calming worries on your end about the limited time you have to arrange treatment. Schedule their appointment today so that they can enjoy going to the dentist.