Child visiting dentist

Benefits Of Preventive Dentistry For Kids

Tooth decay and cavities are some of the worst problems kids experience which can be avoided by preventive dentistry. As parents, we should not neglect the dental needs of our children because they are just kids. For them to develop a good dental habit, they must be trained at an early age.

Here are the most important preventative dentistry treatments for kids to avoid dental problems.

  1. Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are translucent materials that dentists use and apply on the chewing surface of the teeth to stop the cavities from forming and spreading. This is often applied to the kid’s molars if they have deep ridges along the chewing surfaces of their teeth. If the ridges are not deep enough, the sealant will not stay in place. It only takes a couple of minutes for the sealant to harden and protect a child’s tooth from cavities.

  1. Fluoride Treatments

Some underestimate the importance of fluoride treatment for kids but fluoride is what makes our teeth strong. Fluoride helps to bolster the teeth enamel and makes it easier t o combat acid and bacteria that may cause decay.

  1. Teeth Cleanings

A child’s teeth are not as clean as an adult’s teeth. Even though they are young, they need to have regular teeth cleaning to avoid build up of plaque and tartar. Toothbrush and flossing is not enough to maintain a kid’s dental health. There will be plaque and tartar that will be trapped in between an child’s teeth that can only be removed by teeth cleaning.

  1. Space Maintainers

While kids are young, it is important that their teeth spacing is monitored and maintained. Dentists use space maintainers especially when a child has lost a tooth. When  space is left open after a tooth is extracted, it is most likely that through time, the adjacent teeth will move to fill the space. If that happens, it can possibly cause dental problems when their permanent teeth start to emerge.

  1. Mouth Guards

Some parents are hesitant in using mouth guards for their child. But mouth guards are ideal for children especially if they tend to move a lot and fall a lot. Mouth guards are also important when they are doing sports that can damage their teeth and mouth in general.

It is a good practice for both parents and children to have preventive dentistry for kids. It is better to prevent build up of unwanted plaque and tartar that can disturb them when they have their permanent teeth. Preventive dentistry is your kid’s first defense against painful toothaches and unwanted cavities.