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Cavity Busting Ideas From a San Antonio Kid Dentist

my-kids-dentist20153-300x204As a kid dentist in San Antonio, we see a lot of cavities.  Even children with super-involved parents can easily struggle with tooth decay.  This is such a common ailment that the CDC said it impacts more children than any other health condition.  If this weren’t alarming enough, the more cavities that your child gets, the more likely they are to miss time in school and be unable to do other things that they love.  We don’t want your child to suffer or need to schedule an emergency toothache treatment.  In fact, we would prefer to focus on preventative care so that they can remain in excellent oral health all throughout their lifetime.  With that in mind, here are some cavity busting tips you can try at home.
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Learn About a Secret Ingredient a Kid Dentist Knows About…

shutterstock_28933936-300x200As a localkid dentist, many parents come to us seeking advice for how to keep their child’s teeth healthy and clean.  We can demonstrate how to properly brush teeth and also recommend a teeth cleaning twice a year but what if we knew of a secret that could help your child to have healthier teeth? Well, we do, and it’s called Xylitol.
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New Trends to Expect from a Kid Dentist

Kid-Dentist-300x200Keeping your child’s teeth healthy is important and a kid dentist can help.  Not only do children’s dentists understand how to treat children and keep them comfortable, they are also knowledgeable about the additional trends that make it easier to prevent cavities and other oral health issues. Modern dental technology has made it possible to incorporate these procedures in treatments for children, instead of reserving them for adults only.  If you have not taken your child in for an exam, or if it has been awhile, here is what you can expect:
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