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A Just for Kids’ Dentist Can Be Your Partner in Oral Health

just-for-kids-dentist-300x281As a just for kids’ dentist, we are in a unique position that is at once rewarding and also has significant challenges. The most challenging aspect of our job is working with patients that are often too young to understand dental procedures and yet not so young that they are not afraid of them. Fear, unfortunately, is learned early, and so we have to take steps to soothe a child as we go about fixing their dental problems. In addition to this, children are accompanied by well-meaning parents that are often full of anxiety over the thought of their child getting dental work done. These complications exist before we ever start working on a child’s teeth. Children’s teeth also have their own unique set of challenges. Mostly this springs from the fact that a child is still growing, and their jawbone is still forming. This is both a challenge and an opportunity since we can help form the jaw and teeth, but must be careful that we do not damage or hinder the growth in any way.
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How a Just for Kids Dentist Treats Dental Emergencies

Just-for-Kids-DentistAs a local just for kids dentist, we can treat any emergency oral health issues that your child may have.  We practice preventative care and do our best to keep your kids’ teeth healthy so that there won’t be an emergency. You can help by brushing their teeth at home twice a day and using a fluoride toothpaste.  Feeding them a healthy diet will also help to strengthen and protect their teeth.
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How a Just for Kids Dentist Can Keep Your Athlete in Good Oral Health

Just-for-Kids-Dentist-300x200As a just for kids dentist, our goal is to keep your children in the best possible oral health. We are experts at what we do and help kids to stay comfortable during their entire appointment. This is important because when children like visiting the dentist, they are more likely to keep good oral health habits and come in for regular teeth cleanings.
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Our Cute Smiles 4 Kids Dentist Offers Toddlers Mock Exams

Just-for-Kids-Dentist-300x278Cute Smiles 4 Kids is a dentist office in San Antonio, TX.  We treat children ages birth to seventeen and help them to stay in excellent oral health as they age and grow into adulthood.  Our team is passionate about working with children and do whatever we can to get them excited about dentistry, including conducting mock dental exams.
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Visit the Best Just for Kids Dentist in San Antonio

Just-for-Kids-DentistCute Smiles 4 Kids is the best just for kids dentist in San Antonio because we treat each patient as if they were our own child.  We would want our kids to feel comfortable at the dentist and work hard to make sure that yours do too.  Our practice is completely different than most family dentistry offices. We only treat children, so the entire practice is focused around their needs. Continue reading