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We are a Best Practices Kid Dentist for Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

san-antonio-preventative-dentistry-for-kids-300x116If you are looking for a dental provider, we are a best practices kid dentist because we treat children of all ages in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Many dentists that treat children, still won’t see them until they are either school age or over twelve. We help them all, so that every member of your family can stay in good oral health, starting from the time they are born. Continue reading

As the Best Kids Dentist We Treat Children with Autism

shutterstock_114348097-300x200The Seattle Children’s Hospital published information on how the best kids dentists treat children with autism, something we do regularly at Cute Smiles 4 Kids.  Understandably, it can be difficult for all children to have a doctor or dentist appointment.  The atmosphere is typically bright and sterile, the people are unfamiliar, and sitting still in a chair isn’t fun.  This can be even more challenging for children with autism. Continue reading