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We Can Provide Your Child With Sedation Dentistry This Summer

sedation-dentistry20157If your child does not like going to the dentist, we can provide you with an easier route to keep those teeth and gums healthy, sedation dentistry. Visiting the dentist can be unsettling for kids. Many children have dental phobia, which means that they suffer from fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist, even if just for a cleaning. When you visit our sedation dentistry office, your child will be treated kindly and gently and will not have to experience anxiety during the appointment. Continue reading

We Encourage Early Appointments as the Best Kid’s Dentist

Pediatric-Dentistry1The best kids dentist will tell you that we face a number of challenges when dealing with children’s teeth. The age of the child, the uniqueness of dealing with a growing jaw, and the importance of being gentle all pose their own challenges. However, as the best kid’s dentist, we will tell you that the single largest challenge that we face is misunderstandings about the importance of children’s oral health. Parents, as a group, tend to be extremely diligent when it comes to the health of their children. They will take them in regularly for examinations, shots, and routine well visits with the pediatrician but often forget that the children’s teeth also need to be taken care of by the best kid’s dentist. Recently, a study was conducted to understand these facts and the results were quite shocking. In a group of children, under or at the age of one, it was found that 89% of them had visited the pediatrician for at least one well visit in their lifetime. In this exact same group, oral health was severely neglected; only 1.5% of the parents had taken their children into their kid’s dentist. This has led to an influx of cases of pediatric dental disease, also known as childhood tooth decay. We have found, consistent with national numbers, that in children between the ages of twelve and fifteen, there is a 50% prevalence of decay; half the children in this group have pediatric dental disease. Even in children far younger, between the ages of two and five, there was a 25% occurrence. With care and early childhood dental visits, we can entirely prevent this.
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What Can My Kids Dentist Do for Their Oral Health?

pediatric-dentistry-300x200-1What can my kids dentist do for their health?

If you want to know the difference between what we help children with and what your dentist can do for you, understand that it is how we approach dental care, our experience, and techniques that make us an ideal dentist for children. Parents know that “my kids dentist” is the place where they can bring their children for toothaches, cavities, and alignment issue. This faith that parents place in us by calling us “my kids dentist”, is a unique place of trust that we strive hard to live up to. It is important to know that we treat a number of conditions in children that are the same as your dentist would treat you for. The challenge is not just that children have growing mouths, and hence require us to plan for the future while fixing the present, but also the fact that many kids tend to be nervous when coming in. They are often intimidated by all the strange equipment and people that they do not know. This fear can lead a child to be confused about things like where exactly they have discomfort, if at all, when it started, and how badly it hurts.  To help with this, you can have a conversation with the child on the way in and write down what they are complaining about.
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Tips for Healthy Summer Snacking from a Just For Kids Dentist

just-for-kids-dentist20156As a just for kids dentist, we treat children of all ages and enjoy helping our young patients to have excellent oral health now and as they grow.  We consider ourselves to be a critical component to their lifelong oral health.  One way that we can help is by cleaning their teeth on an annual or biannual basis.  We can also provide them with fluoride treatments to strengthen their teeth and dental sealant when necessary.  During these regular appointments, we will also discuss things like healthy eating habits with your children and talk about foods that they need to avoid.  It is our belief that even though children are young, they can still take some responsibility for their health.  Our patients typically rise to the challenge.
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Why Your Child May Need an Emergency Dentist

emergency-dentist20156At some point in their juvenescence, your child may need an emergency dentist. When people hear the term emergency dentist, their minds tend to automatically think about adult procedures like dental implants. For children, this treatment is unnecessary and unadvised, but that does not mean your child should not see an emergency dentist in Texas for a number of other ailments. Be prepared to help your child in a time of need by bringing them to our office. For some examples of how we can help your children Continue reading

Why Your Child Might Need Dental Fillings

dental-fillings20155Dental fillings become necessary when one or more teeth develop cavities. Cavities are typically caused by a combination of several factors that include frequent consumption of sugary food or drink, poor oral hygiene, not brushing and flossing as often as necessary, and irregular visits to the dentist.  This can be especially difficult for children that love eating fruit snacks, having dessert, and simply do not know how to brush their teeth properly.
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Why Sedation Dentistry is Ideal for Kids

Just-for-Kids-Dentist-300x200If your children are included in the astonishing number of kids who are susceptible to dental phobias, sedation dentistry may be the cure. Dental anxiety in kids, leading to poor dental hygiene and overall bad oral health, does not have to be an issue any longer. Many children have fallen victim to the anxiety and fear that can surround a visit to the dentist. It shouldn’t be this way, and we can help. As a pediatric sedation dentist, we are highly qualified and trained in the art of working with youth. We know how to help your children feel comfortable and at home in our office. Our sedation dentists will help calm your children’s fear before it turns into lasting anxiety issues.
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