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Why Your Child May Need an Emergency Dentist

emergency-dentist20156At some point in their juvenescence, your child may need an emergency dentist. When people hear the term emergency dentist, their minds tend to automatically think about adult procedures like dental implants. For children, this treatment is unnecessary and unadvised, but that does not mean your child should not see an emergency dentist in Texas for a number of other ailments. Be prepared to help your child in a time of need by bringing them to our office. For some examples of how we can help your children, read below.

Rambunctious children are commonly involved in accidents that can chip or crack their developing teeth. You should take these injuries seriously as they can make your child’s tooth more vulnerable to bacteria or infection. Our office can provide you with an emergency dentist that can evaluate your child’s injury and determine what form of correction will protect the tooth from further damage or potential decay. It will also be helpful if you find the broken tooth piece and keep it moist until you can visit our office as one of our dentists can reattach the piece to the open area.

If the piece of the chipped tooth cannot be found or reattached, a dentist in our office can provide tooth-colored bonding or a crown to protect the vulnerable tooth. Our bonding is natural looking and resilient to staining and damage. If the chip is too large to be filled in by our quality bonding techniques, we can provide your child’s tooth with a protective crown that will look attractive and will serve as protection against any future harm.

Another common accident that children face is inadvertently biting their cheeks or tongue. While these types of incidents are common and, in most cases, not too serious, at times your child might need sutures. Sutures provided by an emergency dentist can prevent infection and developmental issues in your child’s tongue or cheeks. To alleviate discomfort and swelling for easier suture application, apply a cold press to the injured area until you get to our office.

With these sort of problems and many other dental conundrums that your child may face, our treatments will be smooth and comfortable so you child will not endure anxiety or worry when visiting our office. Additionally, we will provide adequate sedation and other analgesics to ensure your child does not experience any discomfort during treatment. Your child will feel safe and secure when visiting an emergency dentist.

We know your child’s health and oral care are top priorities to you. They are also a top priority for us. We will take all your child’s emergency dental needs seriously and provide your child with supportive and excellent dental care to ensure the further development of a healthy smile. Visit our emergency dentist office today so we can fix your children’s teeth during these imperative years.  If you have an emergency, we are happy to help you as well.

Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution for Improved Health

sedation-dentistry201512As a pediatric dentist office, we offer sedation dentistry so our young patients can receive the dental care they need. We have found that most parents have wonderful intentions toward their children and their health. They want them to have a beautiful smile of healthy teeth, just like they want their children to be physically healthy. The challenge is that many young children do not like to visit a medical office because it makes them nervous or they have a hard time sitting still during the appointment. This can cause parents to become discouraged and understandably so.
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Dental Fillings for Kids: What You Need to Know

Just-for-Kids-Dentist-300x200We provide dental fillings for kids and begin treating patients at one year of age.  While it is rare to see someone with a cavity before the age of two – it does happen since anyone of any age can develop a cavity.  Our goal is to prevent this by treating our young patients early and often.  Through preventative dental care like teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments, we can prevent cavities in many cases.  However, if your child does develop one, getting a dental filling may become necessary.
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My Kids’ Dentist Prevents Holiday Toothaches

my-kids-dentist201511-2a-300x225My kids dentist creates healthy teeth.” We hope you feel this way because that is exactly what we aim to do. We love our young patients and want to see them healthy and happy. We understand that preventative care is a critical component of that, and as such, it is important that you bring your child to visit us now before the holiday season gets too busy. Doing so can prevent a sudden toothache and the need to make a trip to the emergency dentist.
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Visit a Sedation Dentist for Kids for Child-Specific Sedation Techniques

sedation-dentist2015-28-10A sedation dentist for kids is often necessary for children with anxiety, fear, and for those who are young and/or have never visited the dentist before. Visiting a dentist who provides child-specific sedation techniques offers a more precise level of sedation that is safe for children and will keep your child comfortable throughout the visit.
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Visit Our Best Kid’s Dentist Office and Learn How to Keep Their Teeth Healthy

best-kids-dentist201510As one of the best kid’s dentist, the largest single challenge that we face does not come in the form of rare disease or children’s special developmental needs. The largest problem that most kid’s dentists face is the idea, which too many parents have, that children do not need to visit the dentist on a regular basis. The same parents that are often incredibly diligent about visiting the doctor, getting shots, and going in for regular checkups tend to forget that much of your health begins in the mouth. In a recent study, children of or under the age of one were studied; the study found that parents had taken their children to the pediatrician, at least once, in 89% of the children studied. When you look at oral health, only 1.5% of these kids had been into the best kid’s dentist. This is an alarming statistic as there are a growing number of cases of children with childhood decay, also known as pediatric dental disease. We have found that in children between the ages of two and five, decay can be found at a rate of 25%. When you increase the age of the children to between twelve and fifteen, the percentage of cases jumps to 50%. Half the children in middle school suffer from pediatric dental disease: something that is completely preventable with the right kind of care and allowing us to see your children’s teeth at a young age.
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Does Sedation Dentistry Really Calm Anxieties?

shutterstock_28933936-300x200If your child has anxiety when they think about the dentist, you may be wondering if a sedation dentistry can really calm them down. Sedation is now primarily used by patients who are anxious about visiting the dentist. If they have a genuine fear of the dentist or your child cannot relax at the thought of an appointment, our sedation dentistry office can calm these feelings.
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Antibiotics and Your Child’s Emergency Dentist

emergency-dentist20159-300x226When you think of an emergency dentist, it is very rare that this conjures up any pleasant images. Most people know that if you have to see any medical professional for an urgent treatment, you are probably not a very happy camper. When it comes to seeing an emergency dentist, there are several reasons that parents bring their children to see us, including having damaged their teeth in a traumatic accident or because of decay. In either case, there is a risk of infection, which can lead to extreme amounts of discomfort. When they come in to see us, our primary goal is to make sure we deal with the discomfort and take care of any infections that may have set in or may be oncoming. The pain usually can be dealt with using standard pain medication, allowing us to turn our attention to the infection pretty quickly.
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Planning Your First Just For Kids Dentist Appointment

shutterstock_153764189-300x200As a just for kids dentist, we have learned that among the most important visits a child will remember, the top is the first dental appointment. What makes the first just for kids dentist visit so important? It is the experience a child has during the first dental visit they remember that will often set the tone for how they perceive the dentist and whether or not they want to go back for the rest of their life. In a recent study of people who do not visit the dentist regularly (45 percent of American adults fall into this category), a large number could relate their aversion to the dentist office with an experience they had as a child. This makes it critical for your child to have an excellent first visit.
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